WebTrack Products

The Direct Marketing industry’s most complete campaign tracking tool.

Now you have the ability to track every marketing message using state-of-the-industry online tools. Intelisent’s WebTrack IMb Tracing™ (formerly Confirm™) is a cutting-edge tracking system that provides total visibility and control of direct marketing campaigns with just the click of a mouse. With advanced tracking features we can provide marketers with the ability to trigger additional messages across multiple channels – whether it be online channels or print!

Unlike Direct Mail solutions that estimate arrival dates for direct mail pieces, Intelisent Webtrack IMB Tracing delivers specific data on:

  • Print Mail delivery

  • E-Mail open rates

  • click-thru rates

  • opt-outs and much more

WebTrack Products to Help Your Marketing

Trigger Profitable Customer Responses and Send Truly Personalized, Timely Messages!

Use the data from Intelisent Webtrack IMb Tracing to trigger follow-up communications, like personalized promotions and reminders, that drive relevant notifications into direct sales. Triggered responses can include:

  • Direct mail

  • Email

  • SMS

  • Web PURL

Multichannel, Personalized Responses Drive More Sales!

The data also allow marketers to add predictability to their business by letting them deploy resources like call center activities over time.