Intelisent WebTrack Mail Tracing

Know when your mail has arrived to any address with The Industry’s Best Direct Mail Tracking and Triggering Tool

Based on the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (plus some smarts from Intelisent).


Now you have the ability to track every piece of mail using state-of-the-industry online tools – all accessible via the Web. WebTrack’s IMb Tracing is a cutting-edge, online mail tracking system that provides total visibility and control of mailing campaigns with just the click of a mouse.

Our Mail Tracking Solution is Unique

The Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb), developed by the USPS®, is a multi-function barcode that combines the POSTNET™ barcode, the ACS™ keyline and the PLANET Code® barcode information into one consolidated barcode. Intelisent embeds unique information into the IMb to track each piece of mail through the USPS delivery system, all the way to estimated delivery.

  • Access detailed, real-time mail tracking data 24/7
  • Understand mail stream activity at a glance with color-coded mail tracking maps and charts
  • View near real-time data in a simple user interface
  • Access status maps that report on mail en route until delivery
  • Zoom down to the individual recipient level
  • Use business rules to customize delivery notifications
  • Empower decision makers with valuable data
  • Generate custom reports and data extracts
  • Right-size staffing levels

Trigger Profitable Customer Responses

Use mail tracking data from WebTrack IMb Tracing to trigger follow-up communications like personalized promotions and reminders that drive relevant notifications into direct sales. Triggered responses can include:

  • Direct mail
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Web PURL
  • Outbound Tele-sales

“We’re thrilled with the web-based reporting from Intelisent. The Destination IMb Tracing dashboard maps and drill down features are really slick. There are several other on-time and delivery reports run by various parameters which provide a wealth of information that we never had visibility to before… The team is extremely supportive. Great product and great service all around!”

Wendy Smith

Assistant VP, Postal Affairs
Publishers Clearing House