Intelisent WebTrack ACS™

Remove Bad Addresses and Power High-Response, High-Profit Mail with WebTrack ACS™

Using the right technology to manage address correction and suppress bad addresses is a key component of increasing campaign performance. Intelisent has been a leader in this technology for years.

How? The Unique, Consolidated Barcode…

WebTrack ACS™ brings life to the USPS® Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb). The IMb is a multi-function barcode that combines the POSTNET™ barcode, the PLANET Code® barcode, and the Traditional ACSTM keyline into one consolidated barcode ACS™.

Bad Addresses Are Expensive.
Improve your entire marketing ROI with WebTrack ACS™:

Leverage Undeliverable Mail Information Quickly and Easily

Receive electronic, First-Class and Standard undeliverable mail information, including detailed reason codes, directly from the USPS -Utilize the nixie information, which is unavailable through standard NCOA, to understand – and act – on why your mail went undelivered

Correction/Suppression – Efficiently update or suppress bad addresses from your mail files

Strategic Planning – Leverage historical data to improve mailing strategies and methodologies

Achieve Savings – Reduce production, postage and per-piece costs every time you mail

WebTrack ACS™ Decision-Enabling Data

• Returned for better address • Attempted – not known • Outside delivery limits • In dispute• Insufficient address • Illegible • No mail receptacle • No such number • Not deliverable • Deceased • Refused • No such street • Unclaimed • Vacant • Temporarily away • No such office

“Getting up and running was fast and easy. On boarding both internal and external stakeholders was painless, and gaining their buy in and support was a no-brainer.”

Director, Database Marketing, Major US Sporting Goods Retailer