Intelisent Postage Track

Analyze, manage, and reconcile your postage investment


Here’s How It Works

Intelisent uses industry standard Mail.dat files, along with extracts of CAPS postage transaction data from the USPS, so we have an accurate picture of postage payments that have been processed for your mailings.

This technology allows us to reconcile your postage in 3 easy steps with the Intelisent Postage Reconciliation Web Application:

1. Import Postage Data

2. Reconcile Postage and match postage spend with campaigns and segments – all with just a few clicks…

3. Generate Reports that meet your needs. Intelisent has standard reports available, but it also enables you to customize reports based on your exact, campaign-specific needs. These reports are available as PDFs, web pages, or as e-mailable reports.

Intelisent makes sense of CAPS postage information provided by USPS and helps accurately allocate postage expenses to campaigns. You’ll get:

  • easy to audit postage information

  • in-depth reports

  • accurate campaign expensing

  • always available, always on – a few clicks away…

“We spend hundreds of millions on postage and had no way to manage our transactions easily before Intelisent. Now we can know exactly how much we spend on a per job, per month, and per campaign basis, and more importantly, make sure our payments to the USPS are accurate, timely, and reconcile 100% of the time.”

VP Marketing Operations, Top US Wireless Carrier