Message Factory Solution Overview

The Industry Challenge

Multi-channel marketing and customer communications should be an important component of any marketer’s strategy. In recent years, the industry has sought scalable, dynamic communications as part of a coordinated and relevant dialog with its customers. However, most companies struggle with scalability, efficiency, and quality issues, typically resulting in a slow, labor-intensive process that can actually result in damaging the client relationships.

Intelisent’s Message Factory Solution

Intelisent’s Digital Marketing Solution allows marketers to quickly implement industry best practices, enhancing the customer experience with highly-personalized communications through a streamlined, scalable, cost-effective publishing process.

Intelisent’s proven communications publishing services solution has a long track record of providing multi-channel production services for some of the most complex data-driven communications in the financial services industry.

  • Flexibility. Intelisent is able to quickly respond to rapidly changing business requirements.

  • Scalability. Intelisent knows how to add data-driven personalization to communications with a cost-efficient and quality-focused methodology.

  • Cost-Optimization. Intelisent believes in combining maximum value with competitive pricing to facilitate a continuously improving ROI through our Test and Learn strategies.

  • Quality and Consistency. Intelisent leads the industry with its best-of-breed Quality Control methodology for all execution channels.

Intelisent has a proven expertise with marketing technology and data-driven direct marketing, supporting over 2 billion direct mail and email communications annually though our partnerships with Data-Mail Inc. for direct mail and Exact Target for email. Intelisent’s current customers include Bank of America, Citigroup, American Express, TIAA-CREF, AT&T, Verizon, CVS and many others. Intelisent Advisory Services has a proven track record of helping companies take their programs from their current state and accelerate the introduction of ever-more variability and data-driven personalization in a way that is scalable, cost-efficient and high quality.

Industry Best Practices

Intelisent manages both Email and Direct Mail production services utilizing industry-tested best practices born from the older and more stable Direct Marketing Industry. Intelisent’s methodologies include performing as much logic in the data processing as possible (in contrast to the more recent, and more error-prone, trend of incorporating logic into the document) and verifying accuracy through counts and data dumps. Performing a majority of logic in the data processing allows Intelisent to keep the content simple, streamlining the audit process and reducing risk of error.

In addition, Intelisent designs an initial common data processing workflow that is shared across both channels, whenever possible. This approach allows Intelisent to maintain a single base for most DP steps, reducing the risk of inconsistencies in common operations shared between channels. Below is a diagram outlining a typical implementation of a multi-channel execution solution designed by Intelisent.



Template Design

Intelisent is recognized as an industry expert in Communication Template Design and Asset Management. Intelisent utilizes this expertise to work closely with our clients to streamline how the templates, business rules, and content are formatted to maximize flexibility and reduce risk of error. Intelisent experience in this area will turn any marketing program into a state-of-the-art marketing engine.

Direct Mail Services

Intelisent builds and executes campaigns in this channel, with the output being a print ready file that has gone through all aspects of postal sorting and data processing. Intelisent also manages the print vendor, to ensure a high degree of quality, consistency, and timeliness. Intelisent provides the appropriate resources needed to oversee and execute these direct mail programs. Intelisent’s WebTrack technology will also be available to allow seamless coordination across direct mail and email channels.

Email Services

The Intelisent email deployment services focus on the creation of email campaigns using provided HTML code, data and content matrices. Intelisent employs stringent quality processes around all aspects of the job to ensure maximum quality. From data / HTML receipt, content matrix utilization testing and deployment, every aspect of our process is reviewed by two programmers and two quality personnel.

“There are too many over-stretched marketing teams that focus primarily on throwing an offer out and hoping for a response. There are a million excuses for why a poorly planned campaign didn’t perform well, so it’s a never-ending cycle. At Intelisent, we’ve developed a suite of services that can help take the burden off of an overworked marketing team, remove the excuses, and deliver the results they need.”

Chris Bennett

Intelisent Founder