Senior Leadership Team

    Mark Mandell

    President and CEO

    Mark co-founded Intelisent to leverage his years of expertise leading one of the highest volume U.S. direct mail production, print, and technology services corporations. He brings to Intelisent clients his hands-on experience and proven techniques – developed to manage over one billion highly personalized messages each year, from raw data to delivery. Mark previously held strategic positions at telecommunications leader MCI WorldCom® and served as a Senior Policy Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce

        Chris Bennett

        Chief Operating Officer and Chief Solutions Architect

        Chris has expertise in translating technology into action-based solutions for Intelisent clients, from Fortune 50 banks and investment organizations to leading direct marketers and telecom giants. Prior to co-founding Intelisent, he held leadership roles at Acxiom® Corporation, the world’s largest customer information management firm. Chris has a unique talent for simplifying systems’ complexity and remedying process pain points – while communicating clearly to all levels of your technology-based and nontechnical resources

            Abder Benghanam

            Senior Advisor, Marketing Operations

            Abder is a leader in Intelisent’s consulting practice, advising clients and leading teams to solve strategic and operational challenges across financial services. Joining the team in early 2013, he has been focused on solving strategic issues facing financial services companies and helping to operationalize key strategic decisions in Marketing, Information Management and Technology. Abder’s strategic and thought leadership along with his consultative background guides Intelisent’s clients in technology capabilities and brings a tech-savvy perspective into current consulting engagements.

                Jeff Agostin

                Manager, Digital Marketing Technologies

                Jeff Agostin oversees the Intelisent Marketing Support Services team. He manages a direct marketing production group that produces more than 40 million highly-personalized, opt-in emails and direct mail pieces each month. He also manages marketing database solutions utilized by some of America’s largest healthcare and retail companies, and oversees a team of marketing data analysts that help marketers measure the impact of their campaigns.

                    Todd Black

                    Managing Director, WebTrack

                    Todd oversees WebTrack’s product strategy, business development, sales & marketing, and has general management responsibilities for the WebTrack division. Prior to joining Intelisent, Todd was the Director of Postal Operations & Systems at Time Inc., the world’s largest magazine publisher, where he served as the lead to corporate postal operations strategies, enterprise logistics and presort technologies, postal affairs, and postage payment. Todd’s innovative and adaptive philosophy has positioned WebTrack as the product-of-choice to a number of world-class organizations within an array of market segments such as telecommunications, financial services, insurance and retail.

                        Gia Owens

                        Director of Creative Services

                        Gia has years of experience leading, developing, and optimizing mighty creative teams by blending and partnering in-house, agency, and contract talent to deliver the best of all worlds. As a creative director, she has helped build clients’ businesses through high-caliber-hard-working solutions, delivering solid business outcomes. While Gia is a data-driven strategic thinker, she is known as a human-centric marketer who brings to life meaningful benefits that resonate with the individual, and not just with a market segment. Prior to Intelisent, Gia spent 15 years in the financial sector at Capital One and Genworth Financial, and previously worked in the agency world, marketing products, services and packaged goods.

                            Kimberly Brown

                            Senior Advisor, Marketing Operations

                            Kimberly Brown joined Intelisent in February 2014 and currently oversees a full marketing transformation initiative at a large financial services company. Prior to joining Intelisent, Kimberly spent 15 years at Capital One, where she held senior-level positions within supplier management, direct marketing and statement operations. At Intelisent, Kimberly’s work on the marketing transformation initiative will make all campaigns more efficient, effective and measurable by deploying best practices across a large marketing organization.

                                John Minze

                                Senior Advisor, Marketing Operations

                                John specializes in developing quality control processes for complex communication workflows. John currently manages projects for several large financial services companies who are implementing content management systems for their marketing and transactional communications. Prior to joining Intelisent, John held various leadership and strategic roles working for one of the world’s largest and oldest advertising agencies, a Fortune 500 financial services firm and a direct mail production agency.

                                    Lisa Bowes

                                    Account Services and Postal Affairs, WebTrack

                                    At Intelisent, Lisa oversees a client support group that provides support and training for WebTrack customers. She also manages Postal Affairs, providing a liaison between the United States Postal Service and WebTrack developers and customers. Prior to joining Intelisent, she was Customer Service Manager of Window Book, a software company specializing in mailer support tools, where she served as the service and support specialist, handling all facets of customer service, support and training, among other things. She currently serves as an elected industry representative on the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee at the United States Postal Service, and has a leadership role at IDEAlliance in the area of Mailers Software Development.