Intelisent WebTrack CostTrack

Make Smarter Decisions with WebTrack CostTrack

Your Business Challenges:

  • Having all your supplier invoice data standardized to analyze
  • No easy way to compare supplier costs by cost category
  • Knowing exactly why the cost of mailings are rising or falling
  • Managing accurate budgets and & Re-forecasting
  • Having a suite reports for all levels of the company

CostTrack Solution:

  • Process to convert invoices into consumable data
  • A Cost PowerSearch engine for on-th-fly cost retrieval
  • Customized Cost Categories to align with your needs
  • Advanced attribution of costs to all levels
  • Flexible reporting to adapt as your needs change

At Intelisent, we understand how hard it can be for complex organizations to collect, analyze, and report all your production-related costs across your entire supplier base. WebTrack CostTrack handles all that for your organization so you can focus on making smart cost-related decisions.

The power of your data will make you a smarter mailer.