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Marketing expertise meets unparalleled dedication

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We think beyond the status quo and execute beyond “business as usual". Clients don’t rely on us to stay ahead of the curve, they look to our expertise to reshape the curve itself.

Marketing Ingenuity

What makes Intelisent different?

We understand the complexity and economics of your products and distribution. So, we can hit the ground running and bring high-value insights into the challenges and opportunities unique to your business.

Deep Business Acumen

We don't just consult; we collaborate and execute, ensuring that our strategies translate into real-world success. We pride ourselves on not just envisioning success but making it a reality through meticulous planning, dedication and flawless execution.

Hands-on Approach

Our Team

We are not a typical management consultancy or marketing agency; we're a dynamic team of seasoned professionals — experts in CMO advisory, strategy, creative, analytics and operations. What sets us apart is our hands-on approach. We ideate solutions and roll up our sleeves to execute them alongside you.


With a solid understanding of the financial services sector, our team brings deep business acumen – minimizing the learning curve to swiftly spot opportunities to help you grow and tackle the toughest business challenges.


Renowned for our strategic vision, marketing ingenuity, and execution excellence, we focus on delivering statistically better responses for our clients, translating into improved business outcomes.

Mark Mandell

President and CEO

David Lavoie

Chief Operating Officer

Carrie Donahue

Chief Marketing Officer

Steve Erbentraut

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Agostin

Director Marketing Operations

Todd Black

Managing Director, WebTrack

Gia Owens

Creative Services Director

John Minze

Senior Marketing Advisor

We'd love to learn more about you.

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