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The Intelisent

Demand Study

Our proprietary diagnostic service digs deep to help CMOs identify and scope meaningful new opportunities, create efficiencies that enable scale, improve marking ROI, and reduce unit costs. 

Transformation through transparency

We’ll help you understand the details behind what is being worked on and by whom so that you can better align your resources to the initiatives that drive the most value.  The Demand Study will give you the data you need to compete for and rationalize budgets, self-fund projects, do more with less – and still have a path to growth.

Let’s explore the opportunities together.

Demand Side:
The Business Unit(s)

Assess the quantity, types, and value of demand from your business partners – and spot opportunities to manage and prioritize business requests more efficiently.

Explore the economics of people, process, and cost to deliver sophisticated marketing programs and services.

Supply Side:
The Marketing Organization
Enable Focused

Align operating model, internal and external partnerships to prioritize and manage a portfolio of programs that drive growth, improve ROI, reduce unit costs, and simplify processes.

Expose potential areas for process efficiency via industry benchmark comparisons.

Peer Comparison: Competitors

We'd love to learn more about you.

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