Purposeful integration of strategy, consumer research, data models, client profiles & journeys, creative services and test plans launch a new product in the direct-to-consumer market.

The Challenge.

The traditional, agent-sold business model used by this well-known insurer had been yielding flat results for years, and the business was charged with the task of significantly growing policies in force without growing “feet on the street.” A new consumer products division was created and charged with launching a direct-to-consumer product.  Going direct had been contemplated for years; however, the logistics of launching a new division, alternative product pricing models and managing potential conflicts with agent-sold business were daunting.

The Solution.

The team at Intelisent dug in to develop a solid go-to-market strategy focusing on the web self-service, direct market.  Using the insurer’s existing client data and appending additional variables obtained through a third party, our Data Scientists developed models that helped identify prospects with an attractive risk profile who were most likely to respond and convert via a direct channel. Simultaneously, our Creative team leveraged the same data to develop client profiles and outline a buying process that resonated with this unique target audience.  This yielded new multi-channel creative messaging that systematically drove self-service prospects through the consideration cycle to become clients.

The Outcome.

  • Diversification of sales mix — reducing dependency on traditional agent-sold business and promising growth through the direct channel
  • Deployment of direct-mail, digital and social campaigns built on standard tracking process and execution standards
  • A baseline set of control creatives, as well as a portfolio of research-backed challengers to optimize response and conversion rates
  • A purposefully engineered, scalable, cost-effective marketing plan integrating online and offline approaches to high lifetime value clients
  • An undisturbed agent population operating with continued efficiency

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