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A CMO’s Quest for Full Marketing Transformation

Help me improve my marketing ROI

Consulting Services, Demand Study

The Problem

A new CMO had an ambition to close capability gaps, increase team efficiency, and align with growing business demands – all while being challenged to decrease operating expenses.

Intelisent’s Demand Study identified opportunities to: 

  1. Right-size vendor relationships – focusing on bringing missing skillsets to the table, 

  2. Streamline processes and their operating model to create efficiencies, 

  3. Improve data and measurement capabilities to better demonstrate marketing’s effectiveness 

  4. Reduce low value demand from internal business partners. 

Together we built a multi-year transformation plan to build a fit-for-purpose organization and worked teams to implement the recommended changes.

The Solution

  • 500% increase in ROI. 

  • 20% reduction in marketing budget while still self-funding the build of a data and analytics engine. 

  • 25% unit cost improvement

  • 80% improvement in campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

The Outcome

We'd love to learn more about you.

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