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Privacy & Security

Intelisent Privacy Policy

Last revised on Monday, September 23, 2019



Our Commitment to Privacy

At Intelisent, we understand the importance of your privacy. We want you to be comfortable working with us, which is why we make data privacy and security our top priority. We work hard to ensure that the information we have about you is secure, and only used for the purposes of sharing the most relevant information about our clients’ products and services. Relationships are everything to us, so rest assured that data privacy and security are at the forefront of every aspect of our solutions.


Information We Collect
and Why


Intelisent collects information about you in order to determine which of our clients’ offerings or services will be the most relevant, and beneficial, to you. To ensure that our customers have the best experience possible, we collect information about them through several different channels. Intelisent uses this information in order to give you the personalized interactions you deserve.

Unique Identifiers

One way that Intelisent collects data is through the use of unique identifiers, such as cookies, digital fingerprints, and pixels. We compile this information into user profiles that are used to craft a better digital experience.

  • Cookies
    Cookies are small amounts of data stored on a computer, mobile phone, tablet, or other device that is used to access the internet. The cookies stored on your device record how you interact with our website and any user preferences you may have, which in turn allows us to give you a more helpful experience of our online services. Cookies can be blocked, but that might get in the way of making interactions with our site the best they can be.

  • Digital Fingerprints
    Digital fingerprinting is a way of identifying unique individuals interacting with a website even when they have disabled cookies on their devices, or are accessing the webpage through different tabs or browsers. This is another method we use to tailor Intelisent’s interface to each individual, helping us create optimal user experiences on our site.


  • Pixels
    Pixels are often used in conjunction with cookies. Pixels, also known as beacons or tracking pixels, are small bits of HTML or Javascript code hidden within a website. When you visit a site with a pixel written into the site, a small pixel generates and records your interactions with the site, passing that information onto the owner of the website, or to a third-party ad server. The information collected by both pixels and cookies combined is used to monitor and record the online activities of users. Cookies and pixels let us follow online trends, see how websites are performing, and understand how well our marketing campaigns are being received.


Online Activities

When you interact with our online services, or with those of our affiliates or clients, your online activities may be tracked by the servers of Intelisent, or those of our affiliates or clients. The information collected through this manner may include your Internet Protocol address, information about cookies on your web browser, and how you interacted with the websites and online services of various affiliates or clients. Information related to your interaction with digital advertisements are also collected. In particular, our website uses Google Analytics to understand how you interact with our site. Information collected through Google Analytics may also be used for digital advertising. More information about how Google uses data when you use our site, or our partner sites can be found at

Mobile Data

Intelisent may have access to data collected by mobile applications, which have been developed, distributed and are owned by Intelisent, various affiliates, or clients. The data and information collected from the use of these applications can include information about the type of device on which the app is being accessed and information about how you interact with the apps and what you do within them. Information related to your interaction with advertisements within the application are also collected.

Digital Audiences, Audience Segments, and Insights

Intelisent may design, build, provide to our clients, and utilize digital audiences, audience segments, and insights based on information gleaned from your online interactions and activities. The information collected for these digital audiences may infer non-sensitive topics in order to allow Intelisent, as well as our clients, the ability to suggest better and more relevant information to you about our clients’ offerings and services, or in order to better track the effectiveness of these activities.

Information from our Clients

Intelisent’s clients may provide us with information about your online activities which has been collected by either the client or by a third party. Intelisent may merge this information with additional information that has been collected from other sources.

Information from our Vendors

Our vendors may also provide us with information they have collected from different sources, which may include interactions on and within mobile applications, other devices or on-line activities, as well as information pertaining to consumer habits and demographics.

Data Enhancement and Combination

Using any of the aforementioned methods of obtaining data, Intelisent may combine or amplify the methods of the information acquired from vendors or third parties in order to enhance our services. In this case, data hashing may be used, along with other methods by which data can be matched when specific types of information are obscured.


How We Protect Your Information


Security is a top priority at Intelisent, and we work hard to make sure your information is as safe and secure as possible. We have processes in place that are tested and perfected, so you can work with us with peace of mind. The people that work for us are held under strict confidentiality agreements, as are the third parties who provide us with complimentary services.


How We Share Information About You with Third Parties

Intelisent does not sell, trade, rent or share your information with third parties without your consent or as mandated by the law. So that we can provide you with our everyday services, we may share your information with other parties that give us their services. Each third party with whom we work has entered into an agreement with Intelisent that mandates that the third parties keep this information confidential. Your personal information may also be shared in order to comply with legal services or processes, or as otherwise required by the law. Information may also be shared if it is reasonably believable that it is necessary to investigate or act on activities that are illegal, fraudulent, or suspected violations of our Terms of Service or customer agreements.


How We Share Information About You within Intelisent

Intelisent may share your personal information with our clients, as well as with corporate affiliates of Intelisent, who provide services to us.


Other Important Information

How You Accept This Policy

Your agreement to and acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and any of its updates is provided when you continue to use our website or online services, or provide us with any of your personal information. Our policy can change, and your continued use of our online services is acceptance of any updates to the policy.


Changes to this Policy

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. If changes are made, the policy’s revision date will change to the date of the most recent modification. In the case of each revision, the updated Privacy Policy will go into effect with regard to you and your data on the date of the revision. Occasionally refer back to this page to check for updates.

How We Respond to Do Not Track Signals

For individuals who, through their web browser settings, have indicated that they do not allow online tracking, Intelisent will put measures in place so that their data is not collected, or that any data collected on them is deleted more frequently than that of general users.


Intelisent’s websites are not directed toward individuals under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect or use any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 18, and ask that those individuals refrain from providing us with their information. Intelisent will not use any information collected from websites or mobile applications directed to children for any reason. If we discover that we have collected personally identifiable information from any such children, we will take all necessary measures to delete the information as soon as possible.

Rights of California Residents

California residents may request information with regard to the types of information about them that is or was shared, and also with regard to the third parties with whom their personal information was shared during the past calendar year. To request this information, send us an email at with “CA Privacy Request” in the subject line.


Rights of Vermont Residents

The nonpublic information of Vermont residents we collect is not shared with non-affiliated third parties except for that sharing which falls within quotidian business routines and purposes, or within the sharing of collected information that is allowed by law. Vermont residents may revoke any authorization to share such collected nonpublic personal information, and may do so by emailing with “VT Privacy Request” in the subject line.


Rights of International (non-US) Residents

Intelisent’s online services are headquartered and hosted within the United States. Intelisent seeks to comply with all applicable privacy laws and regulations that apply to non-US residents, including residents of the EU.

Residents of the EU may only use our services after providing us your freely given, informed consent for us to collect, transfer, store and share your personal data (as that term is defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), or to the extent we have a legitimate basis to collect, transfer, store, and share your personal data.

International residents should be aware that the presentation of their personal information sanctions its transport to the United States, the data protection laws of which may not match those of the international resident’s country of origin. In addition, the contribution of the international resident’s personal information gives permission for the use of the aforementioned resident’s information in strict accordance with this privacy policy.

Opt-Out Process



Intelisent works hard to ensure that each time you interact with us, the information we present to you is relevant and informative. If, however, you decide that you do not wish to receive communications from us, or do not wish to have your information collected or used, you may opt-out at any time. Opting out is not instantaneous, but rest assured that we regularly update our data and systems with opt-out requests and will honor that information as quickly as possible.


Instructions on Mobile
In order to opt-out of Intelisent’s data tracking on your internet browser, change the advertising preferences on your device.


  • For iOS 7+, go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking.

  • For Android, go to Settings > Google > Ads > Opt-out of interest-based ads or Opt-out of Personalized Advertising.


Instructions on Disabling Cookies
To disable cookies on your internet browser, go to Settings > Privacy and then select your preferences. The exact method of reaching the Privacy settings page will vary by browser.

Instructions to Specify Opt-Out Information (cookie/fingerprint based)
For most solutions, Intelisent will provide a Privacy link for you to select your preferences.

Instructions to Opt-Out of Intelisent Commercial Email Communications
For most solutions, Intelisent will provide a Privacy link for you to select your preferences.



Direct Mail

Instructions to Submit DMA Opt-Out Information
Intelisent removes any individuals who have registered with The DMA’s Choice Opt-Out service on a monthly basis. Instructions on how to register through The DMA’s Choice Registry can be found here:



If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please reach out to us at with “General Request” in the subject line.

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