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The Problem

Managing everything from internal meetings to premier enterprise events has become increasingly challenging in the fast-paced environment of event planning.

The team was burdened by:

  • Lack of formal scope definition, leading to the inability to prioritize.

  • Changes made by corporate and other departments added unnecessary manual work.

  • High turnover risk from fatigue and burnout relating to workload pressure.

A thorough analysis of past projects and current workflow inefficiencies highlighted crucial improvement areas, including a revised intake process, enhanced resource model, and automated chargeback model. The development of a custom estimation tool (an intuitive tool with a dynamic algorithm to size project scope, complexity and cost) was implemented as an interim solution.

The Solution


  • 35% improvement in project estimation accuracy

  • 25% increase in resource utilization

  • 40% reduction in project planning time

  • 30%reduction in unnecessary expenditures

The Outcome

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