About Intelisent

Intelisent leads the direct marketing industry into an era of truly personalized, one-to-one communication and campaign tracking across multiple channels.

Intelisent was founded by Mark Mandell and Chris Bennett of Data-Mail, one of the largest and most successful direct marketing print and logistics operations in the country. With strong roots in data processing, printing, mail tracking and every type of direct mail operation possible the Intelisent team is well-positioned to help large marketing organizations adopt the new world order of marketing where the capability to deliver personalized, one-to-one communications is a requirement to create profits and ensure long-term viability.

Our vision for the future of multi-channel marketing has led to our investment in and development of some of the most sophisticated software and data-mining products in the direct marketing space. Because we know our clients, their organizations, and their vendors/partners needs so well, we are able to continually redefine the cutting edge of marketing efficiency and accuracy even during challenging economic times.

We pride ourselves on the robust processes, expert staff and technologies we have put in place to deliver enterprise-class messaging capabilities. We are also focused on shaping the future of the industry. The Intelisent team has the most thorough understanding of where trends and regulations are heading and where customers are finding the answers to their most complex challenges.

We are experts at creating order out of chaos and the more we engage with the market, the more we are certain that our unique point of view is delivering measurable value as our clients work to generate the best possible results from their direct marketing campaigns. We are eager to help you.

Intelisent can produce orchestrated campaigns that allow emails and direct mails to be delivered on specific dates and coordinated with other campaign elements like telesales. This is particularly important for specific industries such as Financial Services

David Daniels
Co-Founder, CEO
The Relevancy Group