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Expertly crafted.

With a carefully curated team of experts from every key marketing discipline, Intelisent is here to help you build and execute smart strategies. 

Winning strategies.

We’re part of a new marketing services powerhouse.  Learn more.

A needs-based approach

Intelisent uses a customer-focused, data-driven approach to deliver customized solutions and unprecedented results. 

We deliver strategies to achieve your goals and seasoned advice on how best to implement them across every marketing channel and customer touchpoint. 

  • Spend less and improve response by knowing who your high potential audiences are.

    Demand Study

    Understand which marketing activities are requested by your business partners, and which are driving real economic value.

    Scope a profitable solution to your key business challenges and opportunities.

    Business Case

    Align your efforts to business OKRs and show how they contribute to the organization’s bottom line.

  • Operating Model

    Align people, process and technology for optimal results.

    Leverage technology to accelerate speed to market, increase throughput, and improve quality.


    Customize messages on the fly at scale using automation.


    Stay on time and on budget with expert oversight.

  • Align marketing plans to business OKRs, and align teams and budget on activities that are expected to drive the most value.

    Annual Planning

    Create a bold culture that ideates and tests a variety of tactics to learn and optimize results.


    Structure your hypotheses and formalize a plan to learn which activities get the results you want.

    Learning Agenda

    Track campaign performance, analyze results and develop insights that inform decisions with data.

    Reporting and
  • Understand what resonates with your audiences and how to personalize messaging to address their needs.

    Value Proposition
    and Messaging
    Creative Design
    and Content

    Bring your plans to life with goal-focused creative, developed to achieve your marketing objectives.


    Tailor your message and tactics to address where your customer is in the consideration process.

    Data Assessment
    and Sourcing

    Know where to find and how to collect quality data to inform your marketing strategies.

Ensure your organization runs at peak efficiency.

Target and deliver marketing messages with insight and precision.

I’ve relied on their proven methodology, practical experience and deep bench to help me quickly get at the heart of what matters, zero in on the biggest opportunities, modernize our marketing skillset and partner with my teams to deliver measurable value to the business.

CMO, Financial Institution

We'd love to learn more about you.

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